Maximize Color Printing

Color CardHow to Maximize Color Printing

When printing in color, a little color can improve the audience response, and enhance customer loyalty. According to the Institute for Color Research, around 90 percent of judgment comes down to the subconscious mind. In 90 percent of cases, judgments will be based on environment, person and time alone. With a full-color document, it generates customer retention and loyalty, and it generates a quicker response time by up to 34 percent. Research also suggests that it leads to more repeat orders and 32 percent rise with the overall revenue.

What can you do to maximize printing color documents? First, you can draw attention to invoices by creating a colored box around the amount due, and it becomes useful to do the same with the due date. When you create a colored background using Microsoft Word, click on the Page Layout. After you have done that, click on the Page Color, and select your color from the pop-up box. You will now have a color background for the document. When doing this, however, keep in mind that printing too many documents with a colored background will exhaust your ink and toner supplies. As always, the most important factor boils down to readability. You need to make sure that the document will still be able to be understood, or it could hurt the response.