Taking Care of Your Scanner

Using copierProper Care for Your Scanner

Before scanning documents, you have to consider how to care for it properly. You want to avoid doing things that will cause damage to your device, and you want to do things that will lead to the greatest efficiency with your scanner. First, we recommend having a metal detector with your scanner because it will check and remove paper with clips and staples that can damage your device. If you stapled the document before, separate the pages.

You may also want to consider multi-feed or blank page detection. While this does not relate much to proper care, it does enhance your productivity in the office, and if you have a double-fed document, you can find it and scan it again. In addition to making sure you have prepared the paper, you will want to make sure that you also have a prepared scanner. We recommend customers clean the glass of their scanner at least once a month to eliminate dirt, smudges and gunk that came from the paper. If you plan to scan more often, we recommend a more frequent cleaning.

Proper care of your scanner will improve the longevity and reduce the amount of service calls needed. To learn more about proper maintenance with your scanner, call today. As experts of the industry, we can help to flawlessly guide you through the process of caring for your scanner.