Read between the Lines: Embrace What’s New

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In past, office technology seemed a simple place. We had copiers, adding machines and typewriters that ruled the world. If we look to now, we see managed services, MFPs, 3D printing, ECM and MPS.

While the new technology helps to breathe life into the office technology industry, dealerships have to figure out the best people to sell to. We have seen this with color, digital, MPS and managed services.

It challenges the comfort zone to embrace the new. There are people who go out of their way to find something new and take on a niche product, and some people do it to specialize in a product for their customer. However, no matter how new the technology might seem, it will become tomorrow’s standard item at the dealerships because the industry is continually improving and changing, which is a good thing.

Reaching beyond the traditional comfort zone is nothing new to office technology dealers because if they want to adapt and survive, they have to continue pushing the latest and most advanced products. Interested in learning more? For further information, visit our Boston establishment. We understand the value of providing customers with the latest in office technology, and we can help you to find the ideal copier for your business situation.