Paper Jam Blues

malfunction-clipart-kicking_copierIt’s happened to almost everyone who has ever set foot in an office. You have a deadline and have been working feverishly to complete your project. It’s finally time to print the final product and you hear that old, familiar sound. Time stops, and so does your printer. We have all had the paper jam blues and can understand your frustration. We wrote this article to help you troubleshoot one of the most common office malfunctions.

The good news is, if a paper jam is truly the only issue with you copier, you should be able to remedy the situation and be back to work in minutes. These few tips can help get you out of a “jam” with your project.

  1. Locate the jam. Check the paper tray for loose paper, if the jam is not in the paper tray, you may need to open the printer to check if there is paper stuck elsewhere.
  2. Slowly pull out the torn paper. Slowly is the operative word here. Never yank a paper jam lest you make the jam even worse and more difficult to remove. Check for torn pieces of paper and remove these as well.
  3. Clean the print heads. If you are still having trouble getting your printer to work properly, it may be worth running a cleaning program on your printer. This can help to clean out any small bits of paper dust and hopefully get your printer back to work .

If none of these fixes seem to resolve your paper jam blues, give us a call for more troubleshooting ideas.