Truths, Myths and Legends about Copiers

busy-copyIn the search for truth surrounding office equipment, you can uncover some dirt and a few interesting stories. Our company in Boston has pursued solutions that will be the best for our clients, and we have made it our responsibility to share knowledge surrounding the truths, myths and legends about copiers. The first myth is that photocopiers are not reliable, and that myth reflects on a perception that most offices will experience paper jams. However, according to the book Advanced Design Concepts for Engineers, the actual failure rate for copiers can be as low as 0.0002 failure for every hour. That’s a very low rate, and if you experience a higher failure rate, you should call a technician to improve the copier’s performance.

The second myth is that copiers cost too much. This is somewhat a truth because you can find machines that cost up to $30,000, but in the last 10 years, copiers have dropped in price by as much as 50 percent. Meanwhile, the capabilities of these machines has steadily increased. The reason for the price drop relates to the digital components in copiers. Some people believe that copiers will have a steep learning curve, but the truth is that most of the latest machines will have a menu system. Everything has been simplified for the maximum performance. It makes it much easier for people to access their device as needed, and many brands will even have an info button to understand the context.