Why Choose the 8-Color Printer: What Makes It Special

copier3We have witnessed a lot of hype surrounding the 8-color printers, but here at our copier company in Boston, we’re going to break it down for you. In that way, you can decide if this will be the best option for you. We are here to highlight the pros and cons of these systems. To start, most of your standard home printers will only have four separate colors: yellow, cyan, magenta and black. What an 8-color printer does is it produces much better quality in images, and there are other advantages, such as finer details, more vivid colors, smoother gradient transitions and reduced graininess.

The disadvantage of an 8-color printer is how they will use more ink than 4 and 6-color printers, so if you are a business, this might not make the most sense in most cases. You have to conserve your capital, which is understandable. Another thing to keep in mind with 8-color printing is how it takes more time to produce these images. If you are trying to create a mass marketing campaign, this might not be the best option for you, but if you need something with top-notch detail, then this copier will make a lot of sense. Here at our copier company in Boston, we have some of the best copiers for a fraction of the cost, and if you have further questions, we would love the opportunity to assist you. We also have qualified and certified technicians who will do a great job on your next copier.