Warm up time vs Printing Speed

Print speed is frequently the only thing people think about when considering copier and printing efficiency. While print speed is indeed impactful, most people do not consider the importance of including warm up time. These are both important things to consider when looking to lease a copier, and we are here to help you understand warm up time vs printing speed.

Printing speed is no doubt important, but if you only print a few times a day then it may become the more insignificant of the two stats. Here is what you need to consider.

  • Do you regularly print large quantities? When printing large quantities there is no doubt that print speed is the most important thing to look at. If you are in a busy office and the copier is working non-stop, then simply find the faster printer for your business.
  • Do you do a lot of small print jobs? If this is the case then you should seriously consider warm up time. A lot of time is wasted when people have to wait long periods for the printer to get ready. Having a faster warm-up time will actually benefit you more in situations like this than print speed will.

Simply put, you need to look at your output of daily prints and see where more time is wasted. Obviously, a firm that uses 150,000 prints a month will be affected by print speed much more than the company that uses on 25,000.
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