How to Secure your Copier

There is a dirty little secret about copiers that not everyone with a current copier lease knows about. Security on copiers is a more important issue than many business owners realize. Your copier could be a security risk even if you have network security in your office. We are dedicated to safety and want to help show you how to secure your copier.

What most people are not aware of is that the majority of copiers on the market now have a hard drive installed inside. This is there to help you manage and store a variety of documents and information. It can also save a copy of every single item that gets sent through your copier.

This can be dangerous because if someone was to access your copier they could see all the documents that were copied through it. This could leave the social security numbers, business contacts, and a variety of private information available to anyone who could get inside your hard drive.

Fortunately, most copier companies like Xerox offer some sort of security kit to protect you. A security kit will delete each and every copy that goes through the hard drive. This ensures that the drive would not hold anything private if someone was to gain access.

A lot of people do not consider this to be a serious risk until it is too late. A security kit for your copier is much cheaper than network security, and seriously worth considering. A few hundred dollars now could save you thousands of dollars and lost relationships later.

If you would like to know more about how to secure your copier then please call us today.