What to Remember when Your Lease Ends

Let’s say that you have a copier lease that is reaching its end. You’ve done everything that you need to, and have taken care of your copier. It has been reliable and the price has been fair, but you are looking forward to getting something new in your office. Ending a lease can be an exciting time because there are new machines on the horizon, but we want to help you be sure that you know what to remember when your lease ends.

Copier leases have a number of provisions that can cost you money if you don’t pay attention. Some of these can apply during your lease, but many charges can happen at the end of your lease. It’s important to know what you’re getting into before you start the process.

The most important thing to look at is making sure that your lease is actually going to end when you think it is. Many leases come with automatic rollover that will continue the lease unless you actually opt out of it. This can cost you money and time as you now have to deal with your old copier for longer. Make sure that you opt out in the months preceding your leases end.

Also look to make sure you are shipping right. Most companies make you package some parts separately, like the toner, or the paper trays. Make sure you follow these rules or you could be charged.

Finally, make sure you know how your copier is getting returned. Don’t just assume that your copier will be picked up by your leasing company. This is not always the case.

Double checking these parts of your lease early can give you a huge jump start before you need to make the return. To get help with your copier leases call Copier Boston today. We have the best staff to get your set up with a lease that is easy to understand.