Worst Advice Ever: Don’t Do This with Your Copier

Almost everyone has had a memorable mishap with their copier. Over the years, we have heard our fair share of ironic and bizarre stories. The vast majority of them happened because of people who wanted to save a fast buck. Here is some of the worst advice that we ever heard.

It might sound tempting to grab the paper that has jammed in the copier for the seventh time that day, but yanking on paper to clear a jam is a terrible idea. If you pull on a paper jam too hard, you had better be ready to put in a call to your technician. It is much more effective to remove the paper using the proper method, such as slowly removing all pieces of the paper to gently free it.  Yanking on jammed paper can  damage the rotors and other sensitive components of your copier.

Another common piece of poor advice that we have heard is to replace the toner cartridge as soon as the light turns on. The problem with that is that you are not making full use of the toner cartridge. It is similar to the gas light warning in a vehicle. It will not hurt your machine to continue past the point of the light turning on, but at this point, you will want to have a replacement ready, or it can cost you in terms of productivity.