Managing a Discontinued Copier  

If you have had your copier for a while then you may have gotten a call from your leasing company letting you know that your copier is being discontinued. They may use this as an opportunity to try and get you to buy something new. However, you may still really like the copier you already have. So what exactly does it mean to have a discontinued copier and how will you manage using one?

Just because a copier is discontinued does not mean you have to get rid of it. What your leasing company may tell you is that upgrading is worthwhile because it will be difficult to perform maintenance on your machine. Parts will be harder and harder to get and the hassle will probably not be worth it.

However, there is a large piece of information that they are not telling you. By law, all copier leasing companies must keep their parts in the pipeline for 5 years after they discontinue their copiers. That means that your copier likely will still have parts available for maintenance work.

Consider how old your copier is and what you need to do about it. Not all copier leasing companies are sneaks who just want your money. There is a chance that your representative is actually telling you the truth and you should consider the upgrade. Check into how long ago your machine was discontinued and make a decision based around the 5 year rule