Scanning Tips

At Copier Boston we pride ourselves on being the best around at helping you get the most from your machines. We are print and copy experts you need to maximize your machine. However, we aren’t all about copiers, as we can help you get the most out of your machines scanning abilities as well. Following our useful scanning tips can help you get the most from your machines scanning abilities.

Just like any other job your copier completes, it’s important to make sure you have the right technology for the job at hand. If you are someone that relies on scanning for the success of your business then you need to get a machine that can keep up with your needs. Standard desktop scanners can complete around 10 scans per minute, while high-powered machines can scan up to 1,000 pages an hour. The difference can be night and day to someone who needs to scan a lot.

You should also consider getting an Automatic Doucment Feeder for your machine. This will automate the process of having to actually load the paper in to the scanner. The machine will do it faster than you would be able to, and will free up time for your to focus on other tasks.

Finally, consider getting some sort of metal decector for your machine. This will help you identify and staples, paper clips or any other small metal in your documents. These small pieces of metal can severely damage your machine if you don’t find them early.

Another great way to get the most from your machine is to call us at Copier Boston. We can help you get the best setup possible to complete all your goals in record time. Give us a call today and you will be scanning like a pro in no time.