Shipping a Copier

The article may be something that you never considered doing. Unless you have had a copier lease before you have probably not considered the need to think about shipping a copier. However, anyone that has finished a copier lease before is probably familiar with why this is so important to know.

At the end of your typical copier lease it is not the responsibility of your leasing company to return your copier. It is usually the responsibility of the person who started the lease. They do this because they know that many people don’t read about the end of their lease.

Shipping a copier can be an expensive endeavor. Copier leasing companies have relationships with the shipping companies and are able to ship for much cheaper than you would be able to on your own. If you don’t plan ahead then you can count on spending $500 or more to ship your copier. Leasing companies know that you may not want to pay this, especially if it was not in your budget.

Bad leasing companies will use this as an opportunity to try to bully you into a new lease. They will offer to ship the copier for free if you start a new lease with them again. They will make it sound like a deal but it’s really just a way to force you into a new lease.

Look at your lease early and figure out what happens at the end of your lease. If you know that you will be responsible for shipping the copier then plan ahead. If you like your leasing company and plan to say with them then use this as a negotiation tactic to guarantee they will ship for free. If you don’t plan to stay then plan ahead and try to find a good deal before it’s too late. If you wait too long then you may end up spending more than you need to.