Why you Shouldn’t get Unlimited Prints

When you are getting a copier lease one of the most important things to consider is how many prints you need. Many  models come with a limited amount of prints you are allowed to use per month, but some people may offer you unlimited prints for a set price. This may seem like a good idea if you use a lot of prints, but you it usually not a good use of your money.

When you are getting prints most salespeople will try and get you to buy more than you need. This is to make them money, but they may make it seem like they are doing you a favor.

For example, if you want 25,000 prints then they may offer you 30,000 so that you have a buffer and won’t have to pay extra for additional prints down the road. This is also when they may offer unlimited prints so that you never have anything to worry about.

However, look at it this way. If you buy extra prints that you don’t use then you are basically throwing money away every month. If you are buying unlimited prints then you are basically ensuring that you could get a deal that was closer to your actual usage for less money every month.

Unlimited prints on a copier lease is never a good idea. One of the smartest things to do is actually aim a little lower than you think you need on your busiest months. That gives you an amount that is closer to what you actually need. Even if you need to buy a few more at a slightly higher price it is always better to spend money on the services you are actually using.