Keeping Copier Lease Payments Low 

If you agree to pay a certain amount for your copier lease payment then you should feel confident that your price will not rise. However, this isn’t always the case. In fact, many copier leasing companies purposefully write leases in a way that makes them look good on paper until you go into the gritty details. Knowing how to keep your copier lease payments low is critical to helping make sure that your businesses budget is in line.

There is something in your lease that you are going to want to look for closely to make sure that your payments don’t suddenly raise. It might not be very obvious at first, but if you look closely then you may notice that there is a provision that allows your leasing company to raise your prce after a certain period of time, usually after 24 months.

Now, it is not uncommon to see your price raise a bit because of things like inflation. However, we have seen some horrible leases in our time that are a horrible rip-off

  • Let’s imagine that your copier leasing representative gave you a great deal on a 10,000 print agreement. They say that you will get 10,000 prints for $100, which is a great price on the market.
  • But then your lease begins to rise by 12% after year two.
  • By your fifth year of your agreement you are paying $157 for the same 10,000 prints. This is not a good market price

.Pay attention to your lease and make sure you look through it closely. Don’t be afraid to push your leasing agent and do not sign anything that you don’t trust. Keeping your lease payments low is about protecting yourself from people that might want to take advantage of you and your money.