Understanding Copier Lease Length

One of the biggest things that will determine how your lease is written is how long you want your lease to be. Most copier leasing companies have a number of options that can work for people. It’s all about understand what the benefits are of each lease length and figuring out what option is best for you.

There are basically 2 options to choose from when it comes to copier leases: a short-term or a long-term lease. Short term leases are usually 60 months long, while short term leases are between 24-36 months. You can always rent for extremely short jobs, but today we are only talking about leases.

Long term leases are the most popular option. 60 months is by far our most common lease length at Copier Boston. We have found that this is mostly because the monthly price is going to be less when you are paying over a longer period of time. We have also found that people like that they don’t have to lease again for a long time. Copier leasing isn’t fun, so this is a great way to ge a good price on a machine with low stress.

Short-term leases are a great option for those who need the best machines that we can offer. They are for people that want to upgrade as often as possible to make sure their office has what it needs. This will come at a higher monthly cost, but you will likely experience less problems in your lease because you will upgrade before anything becomes a problem.

Give us a call at Copier Boston if you are interesting in starting a new copier lease. We can work together to get you a copier and a lease length that is the perfect solution for you.