Why you Want a Consumables Contract

When you are looking at a copier lease you may see that there are some extra contracts you can agree to. Not all of them are helpful for every business, but a consumables contract can be beneficial to almost anyone. They are one of the best benefits of working with a great copier leasing company.

Consumables are the supplies that you use and then need to replace like paper and toner. Keeping your stock on these products is difficult and annoying for many people to do on their own. Getting a consumables contract helps eliminate the troubles so you can focus on the important things in your office.

You will also save money every month. Consumables at a store can be expensive and you are at the mercy of whomever marks the price. Copier leasing companies have relationships with the companies that make these products. This allows them to get the products for cheaper and then pass the savings on to you.

It’s also hard to argue against the convenience factor of a great consumables contract. You will need not worry about how much product you have or if the price is high during certain seasons. You can be sure that you will get the right product for a great price right to your business.

Talk with your copier leasing company or our great team at Copier Boston to learn more about great consumables contract options for your business.