Copier Leasing

Using copierBuying a copier is a big decision.  There are many companies who choose instead to lease a copier here in Boston.  The reasons for leasing should be FINANCIAL and not service level related.  If you are looking to purchase a copier, you own the copier and you can have a service plan to go with the copier.  If you are leasing a copier, you are financing a copier through a bank and still have contractual obligations to pay the bank for the copier you are using.

So Why Lease?

Leasing has tax benefits associated.  Basically speaking, you get all 5 years of payments as a tax deduction this year (of course check with your accountant on your Section 179 benefits) –

If you can’t afford a copier in cash today or can use some tax benefits, leasing can be perfect for you.  If neither are the case, you are probably better off just purchasing a copier for your Boston office.