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Copiers for Sale in Boston

Finding the perfect copier in Boston is difficult when there are so many options.  How do you know if you should buy the $8000 copier or the $3500 copier?  It normally has a lot to do with how much the cost per print is on both copiers.  We can help you navigate the tricky copier…

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Click Charge or Unit Cost?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Unlike this mystery, there is an answer to the question of which matters more, initial cost or click charge.  Lets take a few examples. A color copier costs $4000 and has a click rate of 7 cents for color copies and 1 cent for BW copies. Another…

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Xerox Copiers in Boston

Are you looking to purchase a Xerox copier in Boston?  If you are, we would love to help you out!  Xerox has long stood for quality and has had aggressive cost per print programs.  If you are looking for a business copier, you need to look at some basic things and we can help you…

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Buying Your Next Copier

Like other major pieces of business equipment, a copier must be capable of efficiently handling your company’s essential tasks. After you formulate a budget, it is time to evaluate copy machines. If copiers are not your company’s primary focus, you may not be familiar with the latest models and their capabilities. We can help you…

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Are You Looking at the Right Color Copiers?

When Buying a Copier in Boston, What to Look For? If you are in the color copier market here in Boston, how do you know what to buy?  Here are some basic tips to help ensure that the color copier you purchase is perfect for your business. Don’t buy the copier the rep shows you…

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Letter/Legal (A4) vs Tabloid (A3) in Boston

Buying a copier in Boston is hard enough without having to worry about whether it makes more sense to purchase a letter/legal copier or if you need a copier which can accomodate tabloid printing.  Tabloid paper is essentially 2 pieces of paper side by side.  If you don’t do this much and you buy a…

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