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Leasing a Xerox Copier

A lot of times copiers can be very expensive, and this is why businesses will often try to seek out used copiers. But used copiers, while a lot cheaper in the short term, can turn out to be a very big hassle in the long run. This is a why when we run across a…

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Buying a Used Copier in Boston

If you are in the used copier market, then you are about to embark on a fun journey.  There are a lot of used copiers out there, and finding that perfect used copier can be a challenge, because you may not know exactly what to look for.  Here are some handy tips of what to…

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Short Term Copier Leases

Sometimes there is a project here in Boston that is only going to last about 3 months.  You don’t really want to buy a copier for such a short amount of time, but you also don’t want to do a long term lease.  If you need a short term copier lease in Boston, also know…

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Copier Rentals in Boston

Maybe you have a convention coming up, or you are just looking for a small copier to get you through a short season where you are opening a new office in Boston.  If you are a Boston company and are looking to rent a copier here for short term, or even for a few years,…

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