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Click Charge or Unit Cost?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Unlike this mystery, there is an answer to the question of which matters more, initial cost or click charge.  Lets take a few examples. A color copier costs $4000 and has a click rate of 7 cents for color copies and 1 cent for BW copies. Another…

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Copier Buying Trick

Copier buying tips and tricks Buying a copier can be stressful and confusing. Copier reps earn their living on commission and while many customers don’t even realize that they can negotiate, there is almost always room in every deal. The cost of a copier is based on: the cost of the actual copier, the mark-up…

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Buying Your Next Copier

Like other major pieces of business equipment, a copier must be capable of efficiently handling your company’s essential tasks. After you formulate a budget, it is time to evaluate copy machines. If copiers are not your company’s primary focus, you may not be familiar with the latest models and their capabilities. We can help you…

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Boston Copier Sales And Xerox: An Easy Choice

It’s both surprising and shocking at the ways people look to buy or lease a copier in Boston. Some begin by getting overwhelmed at the sheer volume of options on the market, and others blindly spend thousands on the first one that has features they’re looking for! With Xerox copier sales in Boston, it makes the…

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When to Look for a New Copier Company in Boston

We see this scenario unfold all the time.  A copier company has a service contract for 5 years and they get sloppy during years 2,3 and part of 4 and then they start paying closer attention towards year 5.  Why?  The copier lease in Boston is coming up for renewal and they want you to…

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